• Brave the Elements

    Brave the Elements

    As we trudge, headfirst, into the colder months, I find it important to have the right pieces for even the worst situations. I finally got all of my coats out of storage and in perfect time as it seems everyday has brought us rain and clouds. I stepped out to run some errands and I thought it the perfect occasion to showcase this rubberized parka from Levi's. I've had this coat for quite some time and it always comes in handy as an outer layering piece. The material is designed for water to roll right off and it didn't kill...

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  • Fresh Mint

    Fresh Mint

    The winter weather is upon us. Unfortunately, I was caught off guard and had not taken my heavier coats out of storage yet this season, and so I was left with one option as the temperatures began to drop...layering. Truth be told, I drive most places and was able to get away with this move for a few days, so lets talk about it. This particular outfit had four layering pieces which kept the heat in but the key here was the cardigan seen in the second frame. Wool is always a great choice in weather but a cardigan specifically...

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  • Tonal & Texture Fits

    Tonal & Texture Fits

    They say good artists copy and great artists steal, so here is my version of telling you exactly how the sausage is made. I keep a moodboard of outfit ideas and overall lifestyle inspiration on my Tumblr (yes it still exists). The second image above is pulled straight from this archive and as you can see, I just robbed the guy on the right of his fit. Who wore it better? You tell me.  The special ingredient here lies on the textures used to create a nice dense visual. The inspiration photo gave me the idea for this tonal outfit...

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  • The Everyday Fit

    The Everyday Fit

    I love to get dressed. I love special occasions that call for a suit or a nice formal dinner that beckons for an especially thoughtful fit, but sometimes these savory moments are few and far between. I struggled with making fashion content again. It has been years since my blogger days and although I maintained a high standard for my fit pics this entire time, I just wondered if anyone was listening. I mean sometimes I really think to myself..."Is this thing on?" But then a combination of things happened. Over the holidays, I got to enjoy some of these...

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  • The Self Cargo Pant

    The Self Cargo Pant

    Our very first offering in pants comes with several very functional features. Zippers in the knee can open to keep you cool in this heavyweight twill while four front gusset pockets are ready to house equipment or snacks on any adventure. The standard two front pocket and two rear pocket format is also present making this your go to pant for any activity. Pictured here in Navy, the pant we offer with our next drop will be in black. We asked you what color you would like these to be made in and we listened! We hope you enjoy these...

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  • Self Understood 22 Offering 2 Look Book

    Self Understood 22 Offering 2 Look Book

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